When you are struggling with communication in your relationships it is often because you are not speaking the right language – each other’s love language. Knowing how you and your partner each receives love gestures makes all the difference in the way you communicate to each other. This quiz will provide you with a start to better love communication. I found it as an exciting and valuable tool for my marriage.

Love Languages Quiz 

Knowing your personality type gives you giant step toward self-care. the 16 Personalities test is a scientifically proven measurement to help improve your self-awareness and build meaningful connections with others. My realization that I was extroverted and intuitive prompted me to realize that my desire to plan almost every detail of my life made much more sense.  

Personality Test is a site that offers a variety of spiritual tools and resources as you navigate through your healing process. You can subscribe to daily devotionals as well as weekly blogs. The site can help you connect locally to churches and support communities.

The psychological aspect of our lives can be confusing especially when you do not have the background to decipher the language behind it. This site provides explanations to your questions in simple language. I have found this site a valuable resource for many clients. 

Psychalive – Psychology for everyday Life

I love how Rachel Sussman provides women with tools and resources as they heal from a relationship breakup. Her honest truth about what you will or may feel as you go through the grieving of a traumatic breakup is refreshing. Susan goes through the internal and external conflicts that accompany your grieving process and offers broken women crucial next steps to enter a newly empowered life.

Susan Elliot offers unique insight into realizing that your breakup may be the best thing that ever happened to you. But getting to the place of seeing this betrayal as a successful breakup is a tricky minefield and Susan outlines several paths you can take to change your life and become a happy, healthy person who attracts others who are the same.

Being betrayed in a relationship requires specialized attention for healing. Laura Wiers makes a point of defining the difference between therapy that addresses generalized relationship issues and the specific attention needed to get past it, make sense of your life, and heal. This author provides much needed guidance to find answers to all the questions you ask yourself including how you may have missed some of the warning signs or even if you should stay and work on the relationship or leave it.

Brenda was suddenly placed into a situation where she was forced to find out what true spiritual resources were available to her. What would happen if she didn’t have what she needed? What if God was not there to guide her? These are real fears faced by women who have been betrayed. And thinking you are not worthy enough to be given the opportunity is even scarier. Brenda Stoeker and Susan Allen provide a much needed salve to heal the wounds of infidelity along with promises from God to lead readers to a spiritual and emotional restoration.