Reconstruction Yoga

Hello! My name is Tami Aspeitia-Mastriona. I took up yoga 15 years ago in an effort to find centeredness, healing and be kinder to my body. The experience was so transformative that I decided I needed to share this healing message with others. I began teaching yoga about 4 years ago, and in this past year I combined yoga and trauma relief coaching to create Reconstruction Yoga. 

Imagine all of the various ways you can be or have been hurt, betrayed, or broken from past relationships, suffered from anxiety, low self-esteem, or felt unworthy. And how many times have you turned to therapy and physical activity as an outlet to work through your brokenness? What if there was a way you could do both of them together and at the same time? How life changing could this be for you!?

Reconstruction Yoga is a new and life-changing Yoga therapy where I help you work through current anxiety, stress, trauma, insecurities, and betrayal during your yoga session. Each session is specifically designed for each disorder. Yoga naturally works through the union of mind, body, and spirit. Meditation, breath, and movement provide the tools for this merger. Therapy helps to psychologically integrate the entire process. I uniquely incorporate CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) into each session. Spending an hour a few days a week can give you a solid foundation for uniting your mind, body, heart, and soul.

If this healing option sounds like something you would like to experience contact me at I have a full Reconstruction Yoga schedule and you are welcome to join us! I offer online yoga classes, individual yoga instruction, and if you live in the Phoenix, AZ area you can attend in-person.