Hi, my name is Tami. Welcome to Unbreakyourlife where the broken pieces of your life can come together to make a beautiful mosaic. Here you will find resources designed to move you in the direction of wholeness, overcome trauma, and tackle any deception or betrayal you may have experienced in your relationship. Here you can learn to heal and grow through your experiences to find joy again. You will learn to build on the knowledge you receive and begin to transform your mind, body, and spirit to understand what you deserve for yourself, in your relationships and your community.

My story is much like yours. My life took me on a journey that has been at times joyful and exciting and other times painful and full of fear and doubt. I have made my way through some especially difficult situations and overcame obstacles that could have kept me from fulfilling my dreams. As I traveled through the many different passageways that lead me to where I am today, I learned numerous powerful lessons and want to share them with you. I have been encouraged by close friends and family members to direct my passion, knowledge, education, and skills toward helping others heal from similar hurts, through coaching and yoga therapy. My coaching will support your growth in learning how to identify deception in relationships and continue to seek to build a strong self-image and successful future relationships.

Balancing life and trying to be an effective and successful human being is not easy, the struggle is real and most of the time we are numb to it because it has always been this way. But the good news is it doesn’t and here you can start down a path of a less stressful, more abundant, and fulfilling life. My yoga therapy is an outgrowth of my own inner work to heal from past traumas, work with women healing from deception and betrayal, earning a MSP, and as a yoga teacher. I have been amazed by the level of healing women have experienced when they step on to their mat and allow themselves to open their hearts, focus on their breath, and tune into their mental and spiritual energy.