5 Benefits of Looking in the Mirror

When was the last time you looked in the mirror? You may think this is a pretty dumb question because you do this every day when you brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on your makeup ladies, and get dressed for your day. You do this because you want to make sure that your outward appearance is acceptable to you and how you present yourself to the rest of the world. But if we look a little deeper into that mirror we can uncover some aspects of ourselves we did not know were there.

Mirrors are not just for presenting a beautiful image to the world, it is also very helpful for yoga, weight lifters, and gymnasts because they need to make sure their poses and postures are correct so they do not injure themselves. Mirrors are also designed to peer into the recesses of our minds to explore our inner spiritual and emotional health. I have taken a deep dive into the looking glass with many clients and discovered some positive effects from this practice. Below are just 5 of the numerous benefits of looking in the mirror.

  1. No more judgement
  2. No more fear
  3. Letting go
  4. New life
  5. Larger influence
  • Judgement – comes from your insecurity. Insecurity is a pathology that has been placed on you from many instances throughout your childhood. And because you were too young to know what those demeaning actions or words could do to you, you just allowed them to continue to bombard your innocent spirit. And you have been carrying all those lies with you and created an internal story of who you are because of them. You judge yourself harshly and you judge others just as harshly if not more. When we judge we are projecting our insecurities onto others because we don’t want to look at our own. When you look in the mirror, really examine who you are, and start to create the real story of you, your judgement of yourself will begin to decrease as well as your judgement of others.
  • Fear – Fear is a close cousin to insecurity because we do everything we can to avoid it. You fear the unknown so much that you create a false sense of security for your life. You stay in situations that are physically, emotionally and spiritually harmful because the security means more to you than the fear of the unknown if you left that situation. To overcome fear, you must dig deep inside to eventually let go of what you think is security, that which is really holding you back from thriving. Your mirror is the best friend that you need to touch base with every day to benefit from building a relationship with yourself.
  • Letting go – When you let go of judgement and fear you will feel a huge weight lifted from your life. You will begin to see the world in a more positive light and experience a new sense of security, one you create on your own. You will find yourself in a space where you find freedom in the things you felt locked into before. For example, you may have in the past not allowed yourself to go to a movie alone or eat at a restaurant by yourself for fear of being judged. You may even decide to take a trip on your own because you no longer have the fear of being alone on a plane or driving long distances for a road trip. You also may start practicing the art of not allowing hurtful words to affect your emotions, you can begin to let them roll off your back. Or you may start responding in meaningful ways and not reacting out of fearful emotions.
  • New Life – The first 3 steps will lead you to a wonderful opportunity to create a new life for yourself. Letting go of judgement, fear, and even anger, doubt, and shame frees you to begin to explore the life you want to create for yourself. Changes that happen in your world are now manageable and you will be equipped to make decisions that align with the life you want to lead. You will gain increased clarity and self-confidence that will shine through everything you do going forward. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Larger Influence – When you have that increased clarity and self-confidence because of the new life you created for yourself, your brightness will attract others just like you.  Others that can come along side you and join you in a circle of caring not only for each other but for a larger community. You see, when a bright light shines everyone sees it. You are that bright light, but you may have allowed fear, judgement, insecurity, shame, and even some guilt hide it from the world. Let your light shine!

If you want to benefit from a deeper look into your mirror, please contact me in the link below and we can talk about where you are on your path toward healing. Leave a comment if this message resonated with you! Until next time Be Unbreakable!


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